Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Take me to the Hermitage

Due to my incapability to be at all organised or forward thinking in the basic aspects of life, I had to sleep on an opened out sleeping bag in lieu of a clean bed sheet. However, this was in some ways quite the discovery as, with some help from my new My Neighbour Totoro hot water bottle, the sleeping created some kind of heat/comfort cocoon that made it very difficult to get up this morning.

I believe that my dismay at having to leave this cocoon is what caused me to find all of humanity generally frustrating today. I'd like to point out that usually I have little issue with the human race, it's just that every now and then I suddenly feel like someone is running sandpaper down my back whenever somebody speaks to me, sits next to me or even looks in my general direction.

Sadly, I have through all my own fault broken my huge headphones, which tended to indicate to the rest of society that I am not to be spoken too. True, this has resulted in my being unaware of cars, puddles, lamp posts and other hazards, but at least no body had the audacity to talk to me. I have to say that my people avoiding was made far more difficult with only little Ipod headphones to provide me with the voice of the only man I can stand on such days: the beautiful Jesse Lacey.

Is it possible that my sulking about listening to Brand New mean that at 21 I am still a closet, moody emo kid? Possibly. However being just old enough to be a preprocessor of the Emo teen scene and my long standing adoration of Brand New makes it okay. Just.

I dream that Jesse and I will have a beautiful love affair. We will come together as two creative people, who understand each others souls. He will tell me all his deep and intelligent thoughts, and I will nod meaningfully and ponder them as I write my equally deep novels. We will live together in artistic, semi-solitary bliss. On days like this he will sing me his beautiful songs and I will dedicate my under-appreciated novels to him. We will produce children who will at the world with wise eyes and we will all live happily ever after.

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