Saturday, 26 February 2011

I, Four Eyes

I've just about started to get used to my glasses. After leaving them at home a few times and repeatedly misplacing the case, they're starting to take hold. I only need them for reading- years of crap lighting and small print resulted in killer head aches solved only be the specs- so they really did take a bit of adjusting.

And I'm not going to lie, I was mortified when it turned out I needed them. Mainly because I've got a small, round face that doesn't entirely suit specs, but also because the only ones that do suit me make me look shockingly like my friend Barney.

Still, I've been assured they make me look, and I quote, 'well more intelligent' so maybe they'll come in handy when I start teaching, I can fool the students into thinking I'm respectable. I'm telling myself my needing glasses is an accession into adulthood and the academic world I'm set to enter.

At, least, that's what it'll make me look like. Last week I went to get an essay back from one of the Processors I know pretty well know and we were talking about the fact that I'm finally taking things seriously. He's always been telling me I could get a First if I only put a bit more in, and this year I'm finally doing it. His words, as I left, were along the lines of this:

'See, I knew you could do it, you're good when you put your mind to it. But sometimes I do worry, some of the things you come out with, I just think- she's completely mad.'

Disclaimer- I'd like to point out that suggesting the benefits of life as a Moomin does not make a person crazy.

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Present Curse

There's been a fair few twenty first birthday's lately, most recently one of my closest friends, April. We've been friends since Year 9, when my moody self plonked down next to her science, so buying her a 21st gift made me feel pretty old.

But it also took over my life. Literally.

I decided I would buy her a book of quotes from her favourite writer, a penguin because of our jaunt to South Africa and a scrap book covering our eight year friendship. It turns out that I was unable to just stick in the pictures and be done with it, I had to cover everything with tissue paper, decorate it, make it beautiful and write witty comments under every photo.

It took my five days. Considering I can't cut in a straight line it was challenging to say the least, but she loved it. So we sat there, with our other long term bestie Natalie cooing over the past, and they pointed out that always give great presents.

Fantastic, right?

No, it's a CURSE. Because I have gotten myself a reputation for great presents, never ever will I be able to present a bath set or some chocolates on a birthday. I am doomed for the rest of my life to give well thought, meaningful and unique gifts.