Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Jane dear

Happy 235th Birthday Miss Austen!

Sacrilige, I'm a day late. However, look, here's a picture of me looking thoughtful in front of Marlborough Buildings all Regency'd up. Plus it was completely acceptable as yesterday marked my last assignment before the end of term. Of course this meant I was required to go to Indie night, get drunk and twist my ankle.

Considering last year I slipped in someone's spilt drink, split my elbow open and spent the whole night in A and E, a twisted ankle is really nothing.

However, it's all done for now and I'm free to devote all my time to dear Jane and the wonderful Mr Peake. It's possible that I should be excited about seeing my family and friends, but considering that right now my entire life revolves around dead writers, you'll understand my glee.